Clémence - Round porcelaine palette

Clémence - Round porcelaine palette

This palette model has 8 areas for colors  and a large mixing area in the center. On one side, it also has a built-in border to use for brushes.


Slab built using porcelain, this ceramic watercolor palette is handmade and uniquely decorated with different clay stamps I made myself, making the item very unique. A transparent glaze is applied to the palette, leaving a glossy surface revealing the white porcelain. 


Comes with a brush holder, a natural linen bag to protect the palette (handmade by Martha from and pads for the bottom of the palette.

Diameter: 15.5 cm


*All my glazes are lead-free, 100% non-toxic and food safe.
**Microwave & dishwasher friendly

  • Pottery made with Soul

    Each item is carefully handcrafted from start to finish. 

    Made from stoneware clay, every item is decorated, trimmed and signed by my hand.

    When bone dry, every piece is fired twice: the first firing is just over 980 degrees centigrade and once the step done, the piece is ready to be decorated with glaze before the second firing at 1250 degrees centigrade. 

    The finished piece is unique and ready to find a new home.


    Should you not be satisfied by the item you received, you have 14 days as of when you received it to return to us and either request a reimbursemnt or an exchange, provided that the item is in perfect condition. 


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