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Sales Restock

Guide and Instructions

How does it work? How to access it?

What products will be available?

My sales are ephemeral and planned according to my production and my stock.

I always keep a small stock for my workshop as well as for markets, especially during the holiday season. They are announced in the newsletter for subscribers and also on Instagram, usually one to two weeks in advance. 

Why so little time between the ad and the sale?
Ceramics is a delicate art full of surprises: as long as the last enamel kiln is not opened and the parts have not undergone quality control, it is impossible for me to predict the stock. Unfortunately, it happens to lose parts during this last firing (cracks, bad glaze results, etc.) 


The day of the sale
The online store will be accessible with the password provided to you in the email when you register, so don't lose it! It will allow you to have priority access to the products for 24 hours. Then the password will be removed and the shop will be open to everyone.

Product Availability
Not all products will be available at every sale.

I have a large number of products, some that I only make at specific times of the year. I try to produce the maximum throughout the year, but I know in advance that not everything will be present. When sending the newsletter, you will have the details of the products that will be available in the sale. 

I hope this presentation has helped you understand how pop-up sales work. Now you know what you have to do and click the button below to register.

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