Pottery with Soul

Poetic Ceramics Handmade in Brussels


Livraison offerte en Belgique, pour toute commande de plus de 49€.

Pottery with Soul ceramics are inspired by Nature in general, but more specifically by the memory of a wheat field in the sun, an exuberant peony in a lavish garden, a sparkling stone in the sand. Through the choice of color and decoration, I aspire to bring inside your homes a joyful and peaceful feeling.

Pottery with Soul

All it takes is a bit of colors to make the world shine bright

Hi, my name is Rozenn (means Rose) and I'm the person behind Pottery with Soul. 

While I've been doing pottery for over 9 years, I launched my brand in February 2020. 

Fun fact: I had decided to NOT sell online and wanted to have a direct contact with my buyers, because I love to set up my booth, I love to share and l love to talk - too much maybe ...

But along came Covid-19 and I had to adapt. What doesn't change though is the story my ceramics tell. 



Despite looking fragile, ceramics are strong and robust, can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. It's for everyday use, and should last forever.


Any item made by hand has its unique variations as the shape will be slightly different, the decoration will vary, the glaze will shine differently. All of these characteristics that make handmade objects so lively.


I'm using Belgian clay mostly, sometimes from France for Porcelaine and Germany for dark clay.


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