Pottery with Soul

Poetic Ceramics Handmade in Brussels

All it takes is a bit of beauty to make the world shine bright

Hello, Hello, my name is Rozenn and I'm the person behind Pottery with Soul. 

I'm from Brittany, my first name is Rozenn, which means Rose and my second name is Daisy. Of course my ceramic world is all flowers inspired.

I'm passionate about creating items that you will love to use every day.

  • Coffee and tea addict, I enjoy making mugs and cups, inspired by gardens,

  • Nature lover, I surround myself with vases and scented candles.

  • Wanna be artist, I design ceramic watercolor material, mostly palettes and artist's pots. 


Despite looking fragile, ceramics are strong and robust, can be put in the microwave and dishwasher. It's for everyday use, and should last forever.


Any item made by hand has its unique variations as the shape will be slightly different, the decoration will vary, the glaze will shine differently. All of these characteristics that make handmade objects so lively.


I'm using Belgian clay mostly, sometimes from France for Porcelaine and Germany for dark clay.

Shipping information
Carefully shipped in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

Free shipping in Belgium for any order above 49 eur. Free Pickup option in Brussels available.

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