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What inspires my ceramics

I like to take the raw clay and transform it like Cinderalla for the ball: with pretty colors, drawings or carving that will embellish the shape with a very feminine touch. Colors, flowers, gold, glam, all are elements of my ceramics. I'm inspired by English gardens, artists like Klimt, writers like Huysmans. 

In my studio in Brussels, I design, create and fire my ceramics mainly use local clay from Belgium, sometimes France and Germany.  All my glazes are lead free and food safe. My ceramics are microwave and dishwasher friends, unless specified otherwise, like when they are decorated with gold.

My name is Rozenn Gaïd and I'm from Brittany. In Breton, my first name means Rose and my second name Daisy. So of course my ceramic world is all flowers inspired.

I'm passionate about creating items that you will love to use every day. Coffee and tea addict, I enjoy making mugs and cups, inspired by gardens. Nature lover, I surround myself with vases and scented candles. Wanna be artist, I design ceramic watercolor material, mostly palettes and artist's pots. 

I started ceramics 10 years ago and never stopped. However I created my brand in 2019 and have been part time potter since then. If you want to read more about my journey, you can find some background in my blog.

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